CPI Pleased that EU ETS Revisions will Permit Continued UK Compliance for 2018

On 20 November, CPI published its concerns that proposed amendments to the EU ETS Regulations, as a result of Brexit, risked expelling UK businesses from the EU Emissions Trading System at the end of 2017, well before the Brexit negotiations have concluded.
CPI is pleased to report that the EU Climate Change Committee (comprised of Member State representatives) set rules for 2018 compliance at their meeting last week. The new rules mandate that as long UK compliance is completed by 15 March 2019, then 2018 allowances issued by the UK Government will not be marked in any way and can be used for compliance in the normal manner.

We understand that the UK Government will be legislating by Statutory Instrument to this effect in the coming days.

Speaking in Brussels after the conclusion of the EU negotiations Andrew Large, CPI Director General, said “I am delighted that common sense has prevailed in these negotiations. UK paper makers remain strong supporters
of EU ETS and we would wish to remain as members through the Brexit process until the end of Phase III. I would like to thank CPI Members, the UK Emissions Trading Group, BEIS and also our European partners at CEPI for their support in ensuring that we have achieved an outcome that meets the needs of both UK and EU industry. “

“The UK Paper Industry remains firmly of the view that a negotiated Brexit leading to frictionless trade between the UK and EU27 is by far the most desirable outcome of the Brexit negotiations. We trust that this successful negotiation on a small but important element of the Brexit process bodes well for the conduct of the wider negotiations in future.”

For further information contact Mike Dobson, Communications & Public A airs Manager on 01793 889612 or email mdobson@paper.org.uk.


See announcement on the European Commission website (link below):
https://ec.europa.eu/clima/news/climate-change-committee-approves-safeguard-measures-eu-emissions- trading-system_en

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