Members of CPI’s Recovered Paper Council (RPC) continue to be concerned about the poor quality of paper being presented from post domestic collections. In early 2018, and particularly in light of Chinese restrictions on the importation of mixed papers largely recovered through household collections, it was agreed that members would fund a campaign to promote the benefits of the separate collection of paper to local authorities.

On 24 January, CPI announced the formal launch of OUR PAPER, a new programme to support councils in improving the quality and quantity of paper and card separately collected for recycling. OUR PAPER is an initiative that promotes the value of paper that local councils collect on behalf of the public, a resource that generates income from their recycling services.

It was devised in partnership with WRAP and supports its valuable work on recycling consistency. It will encourage councils to consider service review and will promote the benefits of separate collection of paper and card, highlighting opportunities for maximising efficiency and the cost savings potential from other changes in recycling services. It will use evidence generated by the WRAP consistency project to demonstrate a business case for this approach.

Coming after the launch of the new Resources and Waste Strategy for England and in the wake of new, ambitious targets for recycling, the project will also brief councils on the significant changes in recycling markets emerging as a result of the China waste ban, and the evolving situation in other South East Asian markets.

OUR PAPER has engaged industry veteran Ray Georgeson to spearhead the programme, supported by a Steering Group from CPI, its Members and WRAP, and chaired by Sarah Raymond of Palm Recycling. The programme is fully funded by CPI and its Members with an anticipated three-year lifespan.

The OUR PAPER website can be viewed at http://ourpaper.org/

For further information contact Simon Weston on 07887 641481 or email sweston@paper.org.uk