Government Public Consultations

Members will be aware that on Monday 18th February, Defra and the Treasury issued four public consultations as a follow up to the Governments Resources and Waste Strategy published last year.  These focus on four areas of policy relevant for our packaging producer members or those reprocessing secondary recovered fibre, namely Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), A Deposit Return System for the UK (DRS) and Consistency in recycling collections, all issued by Defra, and a Plastics Tax issued by HM Treasury.

Although each is a stand-alone consultation, they are interlinked because proposed changes in one policy area could potentially affect the others.  The three Defra consultations will close at the end of next week on 13th May 2019 and the Plastic Packaging Tax consultation will close on 12th May 2019.

As CPI has suggested previously, the matters addressed by these consultations have the potential to bring about the biggest changes seen for recycling and the funding of the recycling of paper and board packaging in a generation.  Proposals include very significant increases to the costs of producer responsibility and changes to the way it is administered, changes to the way council collections of paper for recycling are undertaken and funded, the introduction of a deposit return scheme in England for glass, plastics and metals and a tax on plastic products with less than 30% recycled content, amongst many other important interventions.

Having widely circulated the consultation documents and first draft responses to Members, and after many discussions and meetings with other trade bodies, government and members, the CPI has prepared responses on behalf of the Industry for all four consultations.  It is intended to circulate these shortly so that those wishing to use all or part of the CPI submission in their own responses have time to do so.  Remember the consultations close at the end of next week if members wish to respond.

For further information contact Simon Weston on 01793 889605 or email