Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund – Transforming Foundation Industries

CPI continues to work closely with KTN (the Knowledge Transfer Partnership) and Innovate UK to help shape the final bid and secure approval for Government to release the £66m support funding to deliver the project.

The four generic themes are:

  • Developing recycling and reuse technologies using collaborative R&D programmes on material substitution, industrial symbiosis and recycling and reuse, along with phased demonstrator programmes that trial these technologies at scale.
  • Developing new sustainable materials using collaborative R&D programmes for new materials which are then scaled through a network of pilot scale facilities.
  • Developing new process technology through a retrofit innovation programme and a programme examining new technologies to reduce energy use. This will be supported using ‘digital twin’ systems to accelerate innovation.
  • Addressing cross cutting themes through the development of a technology and research strategy and roadmap, an examination of alternative business models, and ensuring the right finance is available to commercialise new technologies.

As part of the refinement process, company sector technical directors are invited to a discussion meeting in June to discuss foundation industries cross-sectoral challenges and opportunities.

If you are interested in joining this meeting or would like additional briefing please contact Steve Freeman on 07775 696514 or email