Recycling Company Fined After Worker Crushed by Falling Plastic Bales

Liverpool recycling company, Centriforce Products Limited has been sentenced and fined £120,000 and ordered to pay costs of £10,540.95 after one of its employees, Paul Andrews, was fatally crushed by falling plastic bales.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that on 24 May 2017, waste plastic bales had been delivered to Centriforce Products Limited’s site at Derby Road, Liverpool and were stacked as free-standing columns in a yard. During the morning, a fork lift truck driver noticed one of the columns consisting of bales, stacked three high, had partially collapsed obstructing his path. He subsequently used the fork lift truck to straighten and stabilise the stack before continuing on his way.

Some hours later Paul was working in the immediate vicinity of the stack when it toppled, with the middle and top bales, weighing over 500 kg, falling and crushing him. The scene of the collapse was not discovered until nearly an hour later when efforts to revive him failed.

The investigation established that the company had failed to store waste plastic bales securely in such a way as to prevent the risk of collapse. The company had also failed to carry out a suitable assessment which would have identified risks to the safety of employees located within the danger zone of unstable stacks.

PABIAC Objective 3 and CPI Biennial Health, Safety and Industry Conference

Objective 3 of the new PABIAC Strategy requires all sites to have undertaken a site transport, material movement and storage stability audit, and based on the findings from the audit to compile an action plan, prioritising areas for improvement.

The new strategy will be officially launched by Martin Temple, HSE Chair at this year’s conference, and session three at the conference will feature two, but very different transport and material related presentations.

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