Packaging Technical Committee (PTC): A Recommendation to Follow the New Food Contact Guidelines

The Packaging Technical Committee (PTC) met on 15 May, to discuss the wide range of regulatory matters that are of importance to Packaging board manufacturing and converter Members.

As a specific example of current activity, the Committee reviewed the new Food Contact Guidelines for the Compliance of Paper & Board, which assist Companies in confirming their compliance with EU legislation in this area.  Looking ahead, regardless of the exact implications of Brexit, this will still stand as a valuable document with which to demonstrate the suitability of paper products for food contact.  As CPI engages with the Food Standards Agency to determine the UK direction of travel on food contact in the coming years, there is scope for this to inform any new policy direction or legislation. As a result, PTC is making a recommendation that will be put to the forthcoming Corrugated Council, seeking a formal expectation that all companies will use the Guidelines, allowing for a public announcement to this effect in due course.

A broad agenda for the PTC also includes a range of product safety matters such as the implications of mineral oils in recycled fibre, though that now appears to be declining in importance; developments in the BRC Global Standard for Packaging; and other environmental matters such as REACH and the Medium Combustion Plant Directive.

All Members are reminded that the PTC is open to those with a direct involvement in packaging and CPI welcomes expressions of interest from companies that are not currently represented, preferably to take part in a face to face discussion though access to email circulation is an option.

For further information contact Andy Barnetson on 01793 889602 or email