360-Degree Hyster® Handling Solutions Support Paper Supply Chain Productivity

For many operations in the paper supply chain, reducing damage is key for keeping costs down. Hyster Europe is helping paper applications to reduce handling costs and improve driver productivity with a range 360-degree solutions ideally suited to the industry.

“Damage limitation is among the most important factors when handling paper reels, whether in storage or production areas, or on the ships or quayside” explains Matt Hardy, Industry Manager, for Hyster Europe. “With each paper reel being very different in size, weight and strength, getting the handling equipment right is essential.”

Paper reel types
Reels usually range from 0.5m to 4.6m in height, with widths up to 2500mm (sometimes more), and a weight between 500kg and 8 tonnes. These huge differences are due to the wide range of paper types.

For example, tissue or newsprint is relatively soft paper, prone to damage and does not require very much clamping force to lift, but equally does not tolerate excessive pressure.
Magazine paper on the other hand is bigger (up to 7000kg and 4.6m high) and requires greater clamping forces but tolerates clamping quite well.

Clamping pressure
Whether a single or double tower clamp, or a rotating clamp suits the application, different grades of paper require different clamping pressures.

Insufficient or excessive pressure can result in damage to the reel, which can cause problems in the printing process. This can become expensive, as the reels of paper may then need to be re-pulped.

“We work closely with expert attachment suppliers, such as Bolzoni Auramo who has a wide selection of clamps and helps set the correct pressures for damage-free handling,” says Matt.

Functions to prevent damage and improve efficiency
To prevent the clamping lever from activating inadvertently, Hyster Europe introduced a gate on the hydraulic clamping function. The ‘Return to Set Tilt’ function also helps to ensure reels are put down flat, reducing edge damage. There is also a camera solution that enables the driver to see the bottom of the reel from inside the cab.

Don’t let the chain slack
Wrapper damage caused by slack chains is also a common, but avoidable, issue within the paper industry. On Hyster® lift trucks, a chain slack prevention valve prevents the mast chain from losing tension when the clamped load is stacked, and the driver continues to operate the mast lowering function. When opened, clamp arms will not slip and damage the roll wrapping.

Trucks tuned for the paper supply chain
Reliability and cost of ownership are of major importance considering the need to keep the paper moving through the supply chain at the lowest cost.

To maintain flexibility, Hyster® trucks feature quick disconnect hydraulic couplings to help to switch between clamps, forks and other attachments. Leak free O-ring fittings reduce the risk of product contamination, while multi-viscosity hydraulic oil maintains lubricity longer when operating at consistently high temperatures. This protects the hydraulic system from damage caused by oil degradation.

Vented hoods minimise the vacuuming effect from under the truck and the hydraulic accumulator provides protection to the hydraulic system and truck from shock loads and prevents hydraulic slippage. This is especially important in high capacity clamping applications as it minimises paper damage from clamp arms caused by shock loads (pot holes, dock plates, etc.). It also improves operator comfort by absorbing shock loads.
Load Sensing Hydraulics help keep hydraulic pump usage to a minimum, and keep hydraulic oil cool. To increase fuel efficiency, Hyster® trucks also offer the ECO-eLo mode which reduces governed engine speed and keeps truck engine coolant, transmission oil, and hydraulic oil cooler.

Hyster® ‘Cool Truck’ recycling package
The Cool Truck package, available for Hyster 2-3.5-tonne Fortens lift trucks and the Hyster® H4.0-5.5FT range is specifically designed to prevent the common problem of engines overheating due to dust, dirt and debris. This helps extend run time, enhancing dependability in extreme operating environments such as paper bale handling and paper mills.

“When operating standard forklift trucks in the paper industry, the radiators can easily get clogged up causing unnecessary downtime,” says Matt. “This is not only frustrating, but it also costs businesses money in lost production, and can lead to other problems.”
It features an innovative reversing fan that reduces the amount of debris entering the engine compartment and getting stuck on the transmission or in the radiator, significantly extending radiator cleaning intervals.

Tilt and steer cylinder gaiters also minimise the risk of damage to cylinders from debris. Tough rubber guards over the drive axle minimise ingress of paper under the floorplates and a solid multi-piece belly pan under the engine compartment reduces the amount of loose debris entering the underside of the truck.

Field tested solutions
“To challenge the dependability of our system, we have conducted extended field trials in some of the harshest paper production applications worldwide,” Matt confirms. “For example, we found that conventional trucks required engine compartment cleanouts much more frequently to prevent overheating.”

“Chiselling loads out from tightly packed bales on a vehicle can also cause massive shock loadings to the attachment, mast rollers and carriage,” says Matt, explaining that the risk in this instance is serious damage to transmissions and front-end equipment, whilst potentially overloading the forklift’s engine and cooling system.

The Hyster® Duramatch™ transmission, with its Controlled Power Reversal, reduces shocks through the transmission and helps prolong tyre life, again adding to the dependability of these tough trucks.

Among many further features are included are powertrain protection, premium monitoring and TouchPoint Mini-Lever options. Optional extras, such as pedestrian awareness lights, automatic indoor speed reduction, and Hyster Tracker telematics, are also available to help tough paper operations manage their fleet effectively.

360-degree support
Hyster Europe offers local support in the UK through Briggs Equipment to ensure unplanned maintenance is dealt with immediately and that businesses in the paper supply chain receive the best advice to optimise their operation, manage costs and drive productivity.

For more information visit www.hyster.eu or www.briggsequipment.co.uk.