CPI to Publish Second Economic Value Report

CPI will be publishing its second Economic Value Report over the summer of 2019.

As last year, the report will cover the value of the industry to the UK, in terms of jobs, value added, employment and trade. The 2019 report however will also cover the opportunities for investment in the UK industry in much greater depth and the issues to be overcome if such investments are to be realised. Post-Brexit, it will be vital to take advantage of these opportunities to secure the competitiveness of the UK industry.

The challenge for the Government is to ensure that the competitive conditions in the UK are such that it is an attractive location for long term investment in manufacturing, both of paper and its products, such as corrugated packaging and tissue. We need an overall industrial strategy that is focused on securing the UK’s industrial base for generations to come. Within this there must be a more competitive energy market, which delivers lower prices to energy intensive users, as we rise to the challenge of removing fossil carbon from the UK economy.

Paper is a uniquely renewable and recyclable non-fossil resource and this report will show how the UK’s Paper-based Industries can meet the challenge of the circular bio-economy and how they can contribute to the future development of the UK in sustainable materials.

CPI will be promoting this report widely to government and all stakeholders. We urge all policy makers to read this report carefully and to act on its conclusions. Now is the time for renewed investment in paper and its products to build future economic growth on its firm foundations and to move the UK towards a more sustainable future, based in natural products, and managed for the long term.

For further information contact Andrew Large on 01793 889601 or email alarge@paper.org.uk