CPI Member Working Group Meets to Develop a Paper Specific Sector Guide to Fire Prevention Plans

Members will be aware of the need to develop a Paper Sector Guide to Fire Prevention Plans. Such plans are a requirement of environmental permits and applicable to mills and waste paper depots alike.

Existing Environment Agency (EA) Guidance for Fire Prevention Plans contains prescriptive, in some cases unworkable, requirements. There is an option in the EA Guidance which allows for the use of “alternative measures” where it can be demonstrated that the objectives of the EA Guidance are met. A sector specific guide to FPPs is a means for demonstrating suitable alternative measures. Working with the EA on such a guide goes a long way to gaining approval for any such sector FPPs.

A Working Group has now been formed, from volunteer CPI Members, covering recycling paper mills and operators of waste paper depots. The group had its first meeting last week and agreed the approach, namely to build on a framework used by the Wood Recyclers Association (WRA) in their successful development of a Sector Guide, developed in association with the Environment Agency Fire Prevention Team. The group will work over the next few months to gather evidence of fire prevention measures and best practice, meeting again in September to work up a more detailed draft. Later drafts will be circulated to a wider membership prior to publication. The aim being for a finalised guide by the end of 2019, to enable members to draw up fit for purpose Fire Prevention Plans and meet their permit obligations. It is possible that depots currently operating as exempt activities will be required to be permitted as early as mid-2020. All paper mills will be required to produce an FPP, likely within the next three or four years, sooner if there is a fire on site. Thus, being able to have some agreement as to alternative measures is very important.

A reminder that,  being such an important issue for both recycled paper mills and paper recyclers, the EA Special Advisor on Fire Prevention Plans, Peter Buckley, and the Executive Director of the Wood Recyclers Association, Julia Turner, will be at the CPI Conference on 9 July to discuss their successful collaboration on the development of the WRA sector guide for FPP. An important opportunity to discuss face to face with the Regulator and to learn from others experience.  Note; last chance to book for the Conference is 2 July.

For further information contact Debbie Stringer on 01793 889629 or email dstringer@paper.org.uk