Beyond the Box: Raising Awareness of Sustainable Packaging

For some years, CPI has undertaken a campaign of promotional activity for corrugated packaging. In 2018 we initiated a new campaign direction aimed at “winning over the hearts and minds of consumers” and the Beyond the Box campaign was launched ( Throughout last year we achieved exposure to a potential audience of 18 million.

Given the success of the first year it was agreed that the level of activity in 2019 should be increased and we now have a core programme of four quarterly projects, supported with Trade Media, Social Media and additional work to enhance the website. In Quarter One we saw social media posts on the benefits of cardboard from Instagram influencers, to an audience of 330k. Photographs of our sculpture of the Greek god Atlas were carried in a range of national papers including The Guardian and Evening Standard, to a potential audience of 100 million. In Quarter Two we have commissioned consumer research on recycling habits in the holiday period. Our press release was picked up by the “i newspaper” to an audience of 240k and we expect considerably more exposure with the warm weather and as we get further into the holiday period. In Quarter Three we will host a radio day during Recycle Week (23-29 September) with a celebrity psychologist, exploring a new, light-hearted consumer story on how social pressures and conformity influence consumers’ sustainable behaviours.

Our approach to Trade Media has seen the first of four features published, in The Grocer, to an audience of 270k. We were also pleased to learn that the same article was then picked up by the Metro newspaper (reach 1.5 million) and carried on its website (reach 33 million). Our social media activity is now reaching a wide audience, considerably ahead of targets, with 80k seeing our messages and 700 now clicking through to our website per month as a result. We have also agreed a series of actions to build the website, both in terms of profile through search engine optimization (SEO), and increased content with a series of blogs.

The time is right for such a broad and effective promotional programme, with the changes in social awareness and the continued announcements from Retailers about their increased use of paper packaging. This important initiative is yielding great success with good value for Member Companies.

For further information contact Andy Barnetson on 01793 889602 or email