Our Paper campaign adopts new look

Our Paper has adopted a new look and a fresh impetus for its campaign to help local authorities take a more sustainable approach to their paper and card recycling.

The key objective of the campaign remains to encourage and support local authorities across the UK to improve the quality of the paper and card they collect from the kerbside. To this end, Our Paper is offering local authorities a free consultation on how to get the best value out of their paper and card recycling.

For years, much of the UK’s recovered paper and card has been exported for reprocessing. But countries such as China, Indonesia and Malaysia no longer want our contaminated and co-mingled material. UK mills cannot take up the slack either.

So if the quality of paper and card is not good enough, local authorities risk not finding an outlet for it. This means lower revenue from the material and higher MRF processing costs. Estimates suggest local authorities may have to find up to an extra £500,000 a year to cover the bills[1].

Distinct collections of mixed papers and card as part of a two-stream or source-separated service will deliver better quality material. This purer product will always find a willing buyer, giving the best possible returns and providing a much-needed revenue source for local authorities.

Local authorities will be better off now and in the long term if they keep paper and card away from glass, cans and plastics[2].

It would cut contamination and provide paper and card that meets the high standards for mill reprocessing.

“Improving the quality and quantity of paper and card recycled is good for the environment, good for council taxpayers and good for British manufacturing,” says Sarah Raymond, Our Paper spokesperson. “High-quality recovered paper produces high-quality recycled papers and cardboard – building a circular economy.”

To find out more about Our Paper and how it can help you get the best value out of your paper and card recycling, go to the new website at www.ourpaper.org.uk and book your free consultation.


Contact details
For interviews please contact Helen James:
+44 (0)20 7336 0771

[1] https://www.local.gov.uk/about/news/china-waste-ban-impacting-council-recycling-services-and-costs

[2] http://static.wrap.org.uk/consistancy/Learn_more_about_the_evidence.pdf