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  • Casemaker Guidance

    The guidance is designed to help users of Casemakers (inline converting machines including Flexo Folder Gluers) in undertaking machinery and task related risk assessments. The guide is a checklist for users and managers in organisations that operate these machines supplied before the publication of the European Standards BS EN 1010-1:2004 and BS EN 1010-5:2005.

    CPI Casemaker Guidance
    Casemaker Safety Alert

  • Corrugating Machine Guidance

    The guidance is designed to help users of corrugating machines in undertaking machinery and task related risk assessments. It is aimed at managers, supervisory staff, and safety professionals within the corrugating industry. Its purpose is to help the industry to achieve further reductions in the number of avoidable injuries that occur every year on such machines.

    > Corrugator and Guarding and Safe Working Practices - Inspection Checklist
    Corrugator and Guarding and Safe Working Practices - Inspection Photographs
  • Multi Point Gluer Guidance

    This guide applies specifically to folding box-gluing machines. These are machines fed with blanks that have been previously creased and/or slotted and which fold and glue the blanks to form flat packed cases or trays. The scope includes single and multpoint gluing machines.

    The guide is limited in application to types of machines in common use at December 2004. It does not apply to types of machines that may be developed after that date.

    Multi Point Gluer Guidance
    Multi Point Gluer Appendix 1 – Use of ESPD
    Multi Point Gluer Assessment Flow Chart

  • Materials Handling Guidance

    This guide has been prepared by the Health & Safety Committee of the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) – Corrugated Sector Body following a survey of a sample of materials handling installations in the UK. It is intended as an aid for those who own, operate or maintain materials handling systems in the corrugated industry.

    Material Handling Systems Guidance 2008
    Material Handling Equipment – Appendix 1 – Use of ESPD

  • Hand fed platen presses

    Introduction – This guidance has been prepared in response to two fatalities in the UK and three in Germany, Canada and the USA since 2007. All five incidents involved production staff being crushed by the closing platens when the machine was used in dwell mode.

    This HSE information sheet is for employers, supervisors and managers responsible for the safe operation of hand-fed platen presses.

    It specifically addresses the risks associated with whole-body access between the platens of larger machines and use of the dwell mode. It also sets out several other key issues relevant to machines of all sizes.

    HSE Guidance 18 – Hand fed platens

    CPI Members Advice

    This is a complex issue – your first step should be to read the Information Sheet and work out which parts apply to you, and then plan the action that you are going to take.

    The first question you need to ask, is whether a hand-fed platen is the most suitable type of machine for the work you produce. If you routinely undertake high-volume production work, semi-auto platens or auto platens maybe a better solution?

    ISO 12643 – 5 Through ISO/TC/ 130 / WG5 – Work is ongoing to develop a new ISO standard. This part of ISO 12643 provides requirements for controls, and for guarding residual hazards and hazards created by point of operation of manually fed and automatically fed platen presses.

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