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The consequences of incorrectly specified or implemented machine safety solutions at any stage in the Recycling, Papermaking and Converting Process can range from significant reductions in productivity to – in the worst case – serious injury to personnel.

Pilz Machine Safety Consultants have gained many years of experience working within the Paper Industry. They can work side by side with your engineering team, or take complete responsibility, for all or part of a machine safety project. The Company also offers a complete portfolio of products and solutions to implement any necessary measures in accordance with current Industry Safety Standards.

Contact: Lacy McKernan | l.mckernan@pilz.co.uk | 07377 144493
Website: http://www.pilz.co.uk

Pilz Automation Technology
Little Colliers Field | Corby | Northamptonshire NN18 8TJ

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Hyster® knows the paper industry needs precision, high load capacity and gentle handling capabilities for valuable loads. Efficient production, high utilisation of warehouse space and smooth loading and unloading of paper products all impact output and operational efficiency. Lift trucks and materials handling equipment therefore need to deliver reliable performance and high uptime.

With a long history and established reputation in the paper related industries, Hyster offers a comprehensive range of trucks and solutions to meet the particular challenges of the paper sector whilst investing heavily in research and development to ensure Hyster® products are at the forefront of the materials handling industry.

Contact: Matt Hardy | matt.hardy@hyster-yale.com | 01276 538 500
Website: http://www.hyster.com

Hyster Europe
Centennial House | Building 4.5 Frimley Business Park | Frimley | Surrey GU16 7SG

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Ecol Studio UK: testing, support and training

Ecol Studio is the international reference point in the paper industry for challenges related to product quality and safety, environmental analysis and occupational health and safety.

The Ecol Studio brand encompasses three companies in Italy, Sweden and UK that work together, share expertise and provide customers with innovative, customized and high-added-value solutions.

The UK company focuses on the paper and board supply chain and on Food Contact Materials and Articles. Its staff support customers so they are compliant with regulations on product safety and manufacturing practices, but also help to develop the company culture, approach and management skills when it comes to product safety issues.

Contact: Consuelo Giordani | c.giordani@ecolstudio.com | (0)208 80 90 08 07
Website: http://www.ecolstudio.com

ECOL STUDIO UK Limited | fcms@ecolstudio.com

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At Ardent, we are specialists in fire protection for mobile and static plant. Protecting a wide range of equipment from forklift trucks to 1000t excavators, we have over 25 years of proven experience in helping businesses to keep their people and equipment safe against the risk of fire.

Every aspect of our business is built around our customers – to help them improve operator and site safety, protect against production losses and secure asset investment. From understanding the fire hazards specific to each vehicle to our rapid response to emergencies, you can rest assured our systems will deliver the highest level of protection your business requires.

Visit our stand to discuss how we can help your business, and book a free, no obligation risk assessment survey at your site.

Contact: Marta Marco | info@ardent-uk.com | 01423 326740
Website: http://www.ardent-uk.com

Ardent Limited
Unit 3 Becklands Close | Bar Lane | Roecliffe | York YO51 9NR

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Macquarie Principal Finance provides financing and investment capital on a flexible and bespoke basis. We operate across:

  • Corporate and real estate (commercial, industrial and residential)
  • Geographies
  • All instruments/layers of the capital structure
  • Primary financing and secondary market instruments

Our capabilities are demonstrated through our track record of more than 580 investments and financings deploying $US34 billion since our inception in 2009.

Our experience and expertise derive from a dedicated team of more than 110 people, engaged around the world with extensive transaction, industry and regional skills and knowledge.

Website: https://www.macquarie.com/us/corporate/financing/principal-finance
Email: MCAFPrincipalFinance@macquarie.com