Andrew Barnetson
Executive Director - Competitiveness
As Director of Packaging Affairs, Andy co-ordinates the public affairs, environmental and technical issues relating to the UK Corrugated (cardboard) Packaging Industry. These include the promotion of the benefits of packaging to various audiences, as well as an understanding of environmental and food contact legislation.
He works with a wide range of UK Packaging Industry bodies, UK Government and other regulatory departments including the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and British Standards Institute (BSI). He has extensive experience of working with European colleagues, and represents the UK at the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) Association Directors’ meetings.He has wide experience of packaging and the environment with over 20 years in various trade association and consultancy roles. He has a degree in Materials Science & Technology from Brunel University and holds post-graduate diplomas in Packaging Technology and in Management Studies.