Post-Assessment Technical Review

Post-Assessment Technical Review
We are pleased to offer this service to customers whose samples have been assessed and evaluated using the Papercycle Recyclability Assessment Method.

The post-assessment review service includes a comprehensive technical discussion and interpretation of the lab results, considering how the tested material would be processed in a standard paper mill.

More specifically, the post-assessment technical review service will cover the following areas:

• Overview of the testing methodology and evaluation process
• Interpretation of the laboratory test results
• Analysis of the material's performance under laboratory conditions
• Guidance on potential material modifications
• Response to customer's questions and clarifications
• Next steps

Following the post-assessment technical review, you will also receive a summary of key discussion points.

The post-assessment technical review will be held via a 2-hour video conference.

To help the review team better understand how the material performed under laboratory conditions, and if applicable, identify the cause of any failure and its impact on the paper mill, we request that you provide any relevant information a week in advance of the review meeting. This ensures that we can thoroughly review your product and address any questions you may have. The more technical data we receive from you regarding the product composition, the more in-depth analysis we can provide, and the better we can guide you towards potential solutions.

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