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Welcome to the Papercycle Recyclability Assessment Method1 for fibre-based packaging products and materials.

Developed by the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) and supported by the UK’s Paper-based Industries, Papercycle offers a new comprehensive recyclability assessment tool to help you determine the recyclability of your fibre-based product or material. If you are producing, specifying or developing fibre-based packaging and materials, Papercycle can give you the confidence you need that your product contributes to a more circular economy by providing credible, comprehensive recyclability assessments and certification. And with Extended Producer Responsibility regulations on the horizon in the UK, it’s more important than ever to be ready for proposals to adopt recyclability labelling on all consumer packaging. 

What we do:

Papercycle can assess products at any point during the design phase, whether finished or semi-finished (under development), to determine whether they can be recycled in the UK, and which types of mills can reprocess specific types of packaging.

Assessments can be carried out via:
easy-to-use online automated recyclability assessment tool for either finished or semi-finished products.
if necessary, for more complex products, laboratory testing following the Confederation of European Paper Industries (Cepi) recyclability test method.2   

We also provide a post-assessment review service for lab-tested products or materials to signpost potential solutions for material modification, based on how they behaved under laboratory conditions.

As the majority of all fibre-based packaging products in use today are readily recyclable, an immediate result through Papercycle is possible. For packaging composed of more complex materials, a laboratory analysis may be required. As with any self-assessment process, the tool relies upon the user responding openly and honestly.  An auditing process is in place to confirm the veracity of the responses provided.

Whilst assessments under Papercycle are straightforward and the online self-assessment should only take a few minutes to complete, we strongly encourage you to read the Frequently Asked Questions before purchasing or carrying out an assessment. 

What criteria does Papercycle’s assessment follow?
All assessments are carried out according to the Papercycle Evaluation Protocol. The Protocol was developed following extensive engagement with stakeholders across the paper industry who are advising on permissible non-fibre levels and parameters, whilst considering local and European industry standards. The Protocol underpins UK Government activity, in particular proposals to adopt recyclability labelling on all consumer packaging and to collect packaging materials for recycling in a more consistent way. The recyclability of packaging formats is determined by the compatibility of the different components, as well as their behaviour in sorting and recycling streams. 

1 Papercycle Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI)
2 Testing will be undertaken at laboratories prescribed by Papercycle Ltd using the Cepi Recyclability Laboratory Test Method (version 2, October 2022) and evaluated under the Papercycle Evaluation Protocol. Details of the laboratory test procedure are outlined in our FAQs, and specific instructions on how to submit samples are provided as part of the assessment.