Introducing PaperWorks

PaperWorks is an exciting multimedia schools resource from the UK Paper Industry.

It provides teachers with a range of curriculum-linked learning resources, which fit with modern classroom teaching techniques and facilities, and supports the industry’s aim to counter some of the common misconceptions of what has become one of the most sustainable and forward-thinking industries in the UK.

The PaperWorks website features downloadable whiteboard presentations, teaching notes and worksheets. The Study Area also includes paper production and recycling projects, interesting facts and figures on the industry and some useful background information. Through the use of videos, PaperWorks helps students to connect curriculum theory to the real world.

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PaperWorks Packs 1 & 2

Pack 1 – Art and Design: 5-7 years
Pack 2 – Science and Technology: 7-11 years

Paper is all around us and provides fantastic teaching and learning opportunities for both single lessons and thematic approaches.

We’ve created two whiteboard-friendly presentations, one for infants and one for juniors. Both are ready to use in class, straight off the web. They come complete with short video clips and some simple interactive activities.

The infant presentation leads with Art and Design (Pack 1), whilst the junior one covers Science and Technology (Pack 2). In both, children explore how paper is made and are introduced to the important topics of recycling and sustainability.

You’ll find the supporting teaching notes and classroom worksheets are designed to be very flexible. Teachers can pick and mix as they like, fitting short elements into existing lesson plans or working towards a themed approach.

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