Health & Safety

Taking health, safety and welfare seriously

The Paper Industry takes the health, safety and welfare of its employees very seriously, and is constantly reviewing and improving procedures to make the industry even safer.

The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) has been hugely influential in enacting change and continuously driving the UK Paper Industry towards higher health and safety standards. As a result, the Industry has been successful in achieving substantial reductions in injury incidence rates and improving health and safety management performance
Health and safety is a high priority which Members value as an integral part of the service it provides. As such CPI serves the health and safety needs of Member companies, their respective sites and employees by:

  • keeping Members informed regarding Health and Safety Regulations and the sharing of information on industry specific hazards throughout the industry;
  • setting industry health and safety strategies, with clearly defined objectives
  • coordinating PABIAC activities throughout the Membership;

CPI works in partnership with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and trade unions, through Paper and Board Industry Advisory Committee (PABIAC), to agree new policies for the industry. CPI represents all sectors of the paper manufacturing industry – papermaking/tissue, packaging, converting, and recovery of paper and board.

Accident Performance

Since 1998, the papermaking industry has shown a determined effort to be amongst the best performing industries in manufacturing. By setting hard accident reduction targets and through industry initiatives, statistics display a continuous downward trend in workplace accidents and significant reductions in major injuries.

Monthly Injury statistics are available to full members.

Health & Safety Topics

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Key Industry Issues

The Issues affecting the UK’s Paper-based Industries never stand still and are often complex and global in nature. Learn more and keep up to date with the latest key issues.

Working in the Paper Industry

The UK Paper Industry is facing a serious challenge. Over the next few years, long serving traditional papermakers will be leaving the industry, and when they leave they will take with them many years of technical knowledge, expertise and skills.

Working in the paper industry, Apprenticeships in the paper industry

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