Practical Information

How to place an order | Papercycle Process Flow | Laboratory Testing Process Flow


How to place an order

   Sign in or create an account  
 Select a service (finished products, semi-finished products, post assessment review)  
   Add the service you want to your basket  

 Proceed to checkout. Payment for services is in advance.  You have two options:

  • Pay by credit card
  • Pay by invoice
    • In this case the Purchase Order (PO) number field must be populated in order to complete your purchase.  Enter your PO number in the PO number field.  If your company does not need a PO, just enter "Not required" in this field.  You will then receive an invoice from our accounts team.
    • If you require a quote in order to generate a PO, take a screen capture of the 'shopping basket' page to use as your quote and do not complete the checkout process.  If a formal quote is required from Papercycle please send the screenshot, requesting a quote to [email protected]. After your PO is issued, you can return to the Shopping Basket and enter the PO to check out.
    • Payment is due on receipt of invoice. Invoicing payment terms pay be adjusted via prior agreement between Papercycle and the customer. For more information see our terms and conditions 



 Submit your order  
 Click on the link on the confirmation message to carry out the assessment.  A confirmation email with the link will also be sent to your registered email address.  


Papercycle Process Flow

This flow diagram shows the steps and activities involved from placing an order through to results. If your product or material is deemed recyclable under the Papercycle evaluation process you will receive a certificate issued by Papercycle. 

Laboratory Testing Process Flow

This flow diagram shows the process and expected time scale from ordering a laboratory test to receiving the lab results. At the moment we are targeting a maximum of 32 (calendar) days from arrival at the lab to notifying the customer of the result, but please bear in mind that this can vary depending upon the number of samples in the system at any given time. We kind ask you to send your samples to the laboratory within 21 days of placing your order.