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STATEMENT: Clarification on Minimum Requirements for Testing and Affiliation Claims 
August 2023

Papercycle has been made aware of certain misconceptions about minimum requirements for product assessments and the testing procedures for various product types. CPI wants to clarify that the certification process does not impose any preconditions based on material composition. The online tool is structured to ensure an equitable and impartial evaluation for all fibre-based products.

Additionally, CPI has been alerted to instances where companies have claimed collaboration with Papercycle in the development of their products. We would like to emphasise that any such claims must be substantiated by a valid recyclability certificate which can only be issued by Papercycle. Without a valid certificate, we cannot verify whether or not a company has used Papercycle’s tools as part of their product development.

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PRESS RELEASE: First of its kind recyclability tool for fibre-based packaging launches in UK  
Wednesday 24 May 2023

Introducing Papercycle, the UK’s first comprehensive recyclability assessment and certification service for fibre-based packaging    

Today marks a turning point for the UK’s Paper-based Industries with the launch of Papercycle: a ground-breaking recyclability assessment and certification service for fibre-based packaging products and materials for the UK and beyond. With Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation on the horizon, this new service could not arrive at a better time.  

Developed by the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) and supported by the UK’s Paper-based Industries, Papercycle’s automated online tool provides a robust, comprehensive system to assess the recyclability of fibre-based products and materials in a consistent and credible way. It also identifies whether fibre-based packaging materials can be recycled in the UK and which type of recycling mills can reprocess them. Recyclability can be tested at any stage, be it finished or semi-finished products.  

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Papercycle Webinar - 17 May 2023

As part of Papercycle's official launch, a webinar was held on Wednesday 17 May.  The webinar gave attendees the opportunity to hear about the Papercycle assessment and process, and the services Papercycle offers.  Speakers from the Paper Industry Technical Association, the European Confederation of Paper Industries and the Ecol-Studio laboratory facility provided insights into the laboratory testing methodology. 

You can view the webinar recordings below and download the presentation slides.

Introduction to Papercycle
Dimitra Rappou, CPI
Cepi Recyclability Laboratory Test Method
Ulrich Leberle, Cepi
 What do we measure and why
Barry Read, PITA


Recyclability: How to measure it
Cristina Lugli, Ecol Studio



 Presentation Slides